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I'm scared by how many pictures I've taken so far from License. And I'm still not all the way through it. AND I'm trying to take out pictures that are basically the same, so I actually took even MORE pictures than are posted on the page.

So anyway, gotta sort out having the pictures display on multiple pages instead of all on the same page. And I put up a message board in case anyone would like to request a picture I might have missed, or discuss the pictures already posted. "omg taht pic iz so HAWT" posts are allowed.

And I'll put up a page or something, but all the caps posted may be used elsewhere. You don't need to credit me unless you're posting them on your own site. Feel free to post/link them on message boards or wherever. Just don't take ALL of them and put them on your site. :P

If you use the caps in wallpapers or icons or that sort of thing, again, no credit necessary, but please post 'em up on the message board so I can see your beautiful work of art. ;)